Winter Job Hunting: What You Should Know

Many people falsely presume that summer is the best time to job hunt, when in fact it’s wintertime! Despite the chilly, short days, employers are actually best suited to do their hiring in January and February.

At UEA, we know a thing or two about the hiring process. We’re always looking for enthusiastic, driven individuals to join our team. Today, we want to tell you why winter is the best time to job hunt – but only if you’re willing to bring your ‘A’ game! Continue reading


Pros and Cons of Third-Party Energy Suppliers

Today, finding an energy supplier is very different from how it used to be. Previously, you had one option: the local utilities company. Now, times have changes. Due to deregulation, people have the ability to choose which company is best for their home or business. Because of this freedom, third-party energy suppliers have begun appearing to compete with the standard utility companies. But what IS a third-party supplier, and what are the benefits and drawbacks of choosing them over the big standard companies? Continue reading

What is Energy Deregulation, and How Does it Affect Me?

Energy is something that is easily taken for granted. Choosing an energy supplier was once tasked to the local government. The single-distribution source made it not only possible, but very simple for electric companies to raise energy prices and create a monopoly in their territories.

Deregulation is the ability for you, the consumer, to choose who your energy supplier will be. This not only gives consumers the power to switch distributors whenever they see fit, but forces suppliers to offer competitive rates and differentiate their products to be more marketable. Continue reading


What to Do During A Power Outage

Electrical storms can be as damaging as they are terrifying. In an electricity-based world, everything can come screeching to a halt if our electric system is interrupted. Here are some tips to stay safe before, during, and after power outages caused by strong storms or accidents.


If you suspect that a strong storm is on its way to your town, there are several steps you can take to keep yourself, your family, and your home safe:

  • Have a few inexpensive coolers on hand in case of a prolonged blackout
    • This will keep the food in your fridge safe longer, and help you avoid costly food replenishment
    • Keep at least half a tank of gas in your car
      • In case you have to evacuate the area due to flooding, down power lines, or home damage
  • Consider purchasing a generator to protect important equipment during a blackout
    • If you have a generator, consider installing carbon monoxide alarms around your home in case of failure during prolonged use


In the case of a blackout, it’s extremely important to stay safe and prepared in case of any emergency evacuations or sudden resurges.

  • Always use flashlights, not candles, for light
    • Candles can be knocked over, causing potentially deadly fires
  • Turn off and disconnect any large appliances or electronics that were in use when the power went out
    • When the power restarts, it could create a surge and damage the equipment
  • Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed as much as possible
    • If unopened, the refrigerator is capable of keeping food cold for around 4 hours


Many people don’t think about being cautious after a power outage; they assume the danger is gone. However, there are several things that can be very dangerous if not properly tended to:

  • Stay clear of any power lines that came down during the storm
    • Even though they’re broken, there is still an electrical charge in the lines and you CAN be shocked
  • Traffic lights might still be malfunctioning out on the roadways
    • If this is the case, try to avoid travel
    • If travel is unavoidable, remember to treat flashing traffic lights as stop signs
  • Invest in a digital quick-response thermometer to test food
    • If any of your refrigerated items are above 40˚F, throw them away

Blackouts can be very scary; however, the better prepared you are, the calmer you’ll stay in a real emergency. If you have any questions about energy providers and their services to you, give us a call at Unified Energy Alliance today at 717-889-5706 or email us at We would love to hear from you!

Utility Budgeting: Do’s and Don’ts for Your Home or Business

Whether you’re budgeting for your home or your business, one of the largest, trickiest budgeting items is your energy bill. With energy prices being subject to change, how do you know what to set aside? You don’t want to under-budget and come up short for the month; if you over-budget, and you can miss out on some crucial expenses. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to accurately budget for your energy bill every month. Continue reading

Our Plans Can Accommodate However Much Risk You Wish to Take With Energy Pricing

roulette wheel

Capacity costs, which are usually the second highest contributor to the overall cost of energy supply, are dramatically increasing throughout much of the United States. Generally, this cost fluctuation is due to the phasing out of coal generators. These generators are becoming relics in the modern era, and many are being shut down. Conversely, natural gas generation is on the rise, but it does have a few drawbacks: its pricing can be more variable and it’s more difficult to transport than coal. Those types of variables can translate into some power grids having to pay more to ensure reliability.

In short, capacity costs are prices paid to ensure that variable availability of power sources will not result in blackouts or brownouts, even in the toughest temperature conditions and winter and summer can produce. Continue reading


Setting Our Consulting Partners Up for Success

At Unified Energy Alliance, we’re constantly looking for the best people to carry our success well into the future. We know that this business model works – and we’re committed to finding the best people to maximize their personal success, while building our company to create more opportunity and serve our clients well.

Unified Energy Alliance is an energy consulting firm that specializes in recruiting, training, and developing potential marketing/sales channels for some of the largest energy savings companies in the United States. Our consulting partners start out appreciating the opportunities available to them, but as they put in the work to see their success grow, we’re always hearing about how the growth potential is more than they expected. Continue reading

Why Commercial Electric Pricing is So Different From Residential Pricing

crowded mallThe average American business consumes about six times more electricity than a residential home. Of course, commercial electric bills vary wildly from industry to industry, much more so than with homes of varying sizes and locations.  Commercial power consumers have much more significant variations of scale, size, and needs of buildings and operations.

Commercial buildings serve a huge variety of purposes —offices, hospitals, schools and higher education facilities, police stations, places of worship, warehouses, factories, hotels, retails sites and shopping malls, and much more. And each different commercial building activity represents a different type of energy consumption and need.

Types of energy used in commercial buildings Continue reading

The Problems You’ll Face When Trying Get the Best Energy Prices On Your Own

confused-2681507_960_720Can you or one of your team members research energy prices for your business on their own? Sure – and chances are, you’ll find a few ways to save money. But is the time, the research, and simply not knowing the big picture of this topic worth it for you?  You have lots of other things to do with your time in your business. And we have a group of trained professionals who can work to find you significant savings. So let’s take a look at three main problems that can come with trying to get the best energy price on your own.

1) It’s Likely You’ll Underestimate the Effort that It Takes to Find the Information You Need

As you probably know, sourcing your energy with a 3rd party supplier is a great way to improve your company’s bottom line and mitigate risk. But all too often, companies try to tackle a sourcing project themselves, underestimate the effort required to get bids, and do not obtain the best possible rates. Working directly with a supplier will limit your options and result with that supplier receiving greater margins and more favorable terms. That means more money out of your pocket. Continue reading

Teamwork Gets Your Business the Best Energy Price

Power LineElectric service for your business consists of three different parts:

  • Generation, which is the production of electricity.
  • Transmission, which is the movement of that electricity from where it is produced to a local distribution system.
  • Distribution, which is the delivery of electricity to your home or business.

When you shop for an electric supplier via an energy consulting service such as Unified Energy Alliance, the  consulting service and you are teaming up to find the best fit for the company that generates or supplies your electricity. For electric customers who select a new supplier, transmission costs also will be included in the charges from your new supplier. The electric utility that distributes your electricity —or your Electric Distribution Company (EDC) —will remain the same. Regardless of whether you choose a different supplier, your electric utility will continue to supply and deliver your electricity, provide reliable service and respond to outage problems. Continue reading