Monthly Archives: July 2014

Hidden Charges on Your Energy Bill

On a daily basis we speak to businesses and try to explain to them the benefits of reading their current energy bill to determine the actual energy rate that is being charged. We’ve gone over thousands of energy contracts, and you’d be surprised to learn that the rate you’ve been quoted, especially in a variable rate contract, is much lower than the rate you are paying! This month we’ll give you an example of a business owner we recently saved from these charges that can tend to drive the actual cost per kWh well above the rate you see on the actual contract. After reading this blog, you’ll be able to quickly determine your absolute energy rate, which is beneficial to both businesses and consumers alike. We want to point out, this blog only touches the energy supply portion of the bill, and if you’re familiar with our blogs, you’ll realize this is only one of the three components to an energy contract. Continue reading