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Improve Your Business’ Energy Efficiency

5 tips to save your business money on energyThe holidays are here and budget planning is in the works for businesses across the United States. If you’ve signed with one of our trusted energy advisors then you already know what your energy costs will be for the New Year, and that there won’t be any hidden charges or pass-through fees putting a strain on your wallet. Contrary to those businesses electing to go with other energy supply companies and their variable or “fixed” (but not really) energy contracts, you will be enjoying reasonable rates.

If you see a bit of wiggle room in your budget as a result, you may want to consider some building improvements that may save you money on energy costs going forward.

There are several different areas you can make improvements to your business, and the good news is that these are all improvements that any business with a building can make. Our list below outlines five areas that should be considered. Continue reading