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UEA Becomes BBB Accredited

In our continued efforts to differentiate ourselves from the other local energy supply companies, Unified Energy Alliance has applied for and been accepted for Better Business Bureau accreditation. As you already know, finding a trusted energy reseller among the dozens pushing the highest savings and then slamming you with hidden fees is unfortunately a tough task for any business owner. Just look at any of our competitions BBB profiles and you’ll see of the ones who have accreditation, they also have an overwhelming number of complaints.

BBB Accredited Seal

Our BBB accreditation demonstrates our commitment to their comprehensive code of business practices that promote fair, honest, and ethical business relations with our clients. If you are unfamiliar with all the conditions of a BBB accreditation, we encourage you to educate yourself to see why this is such a high honor for our company. In order to keep our accreditation, we must meet the following standards: Continue reading