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Tips for Shopping Energy Suppliers

One of the most difficult things to understand in shopping energy suppliers is that the advertised rate is often much better than it seems. Like any cheap insurance plan, as soon as trouble strikes or your “low introductory rate” expires, the cheapest energy rate will quickly begin to show you why it is so cheap. We wanted to help save both businesses and consumers the headache ahead of time by offering some of our favorite tips for shopping energy suppliers.

  1. Understand the contract

Sample Energy Bill With Hidden CostsAny contract you enter into should be fully understood. If you are entering a contract with an energy supply company, is that rate fixed or variable? If the price is a fixed-rate, be sure that more than just the cost per unit is fixed. In the majority of our energy contract reviews charges are passed along by supply companies for things such as congestion for high usage during natural events such as a cold winter or hot summer, over or under-use charges for using “too much” or “too little energy,” and equipment upgrades or maintenance. If you choose to sign a contract with Unified Energy Alliance, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your fixed-rate deal truly is a fixed rate, and any extra costs will be covered by us! Continue reading