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The Hidden Problems of Wind Turbines & Solar Power Plants

Renewable or green energy is supposed to be an environmentally friendly way to produce and provide energy using resources such as sunlight, wind, waves, or other naturally replenishing resources. What many people fail to recognize however, is that these wind and solar power plants can do significant damage in their own unique way.

Wind turbine

If you are familiar with how wind and solar power plants operate you know they produce electricity intermittently. Obviously this depends on wind or sunlight being available to generate the power that is necessary to operate.

What many don’t realize is that when the wind stops blowing or you get a few cloudy days, a natural gas power plant fills in the gaps, something referred to as “load following.” In order to avoid delays in service these plants need to be kept ready and spinning. This not only costs money to keep ready, but it also is still producing those harmful emissions unnecessarily. Continue reading