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How to Properly Shop for Energy

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Shopping for energy can be confusing and frustrating, especially for business owners who already have enough on their minds. Many don’t bother to shop around and just stick with the utility, since that’s the simplest option when choosing an energy supplier.

The problem with sticking with the utility is that its default rate option is a rate of last resort. The default rate was put in place for clients who have really bad load profiles (such as bad credit and payment, bad usage, etc.), and typically is based on worst-case scenarios. This means even if everything goes great in the energy market, you’ll still be paying as if it went horribly wrong, or in some cases based on issues tied to years already past or planned issues yet to come.

If you do decide to switch away from the utility, you have two choices: let the “energy brokers” (or marketers) contact you, or research and shop energy rates yourself. We want to explain the how-to in the energy shopping process, and why often it is dangerous for your wallet if you don’t pay attention to the details with either option you select.

First of all, keep these caveats in mind: Continue reading