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Benefits of Working with a UEA Consultant (Part 2)

energy consultingAs we first discussed in Benefits of Working with a UEA Consultant (Part 1), there is very little downside to meeting with us to evaluate your current energy contract. Even business owners who choose not to sign a contract with us feel better after having our team explain the options available to them.

In this post, we continue our two-part blog series about the steps we take to analyze your energy contract and negotiate on your behalf. It’s easy to set up a free consultation with our team, and we think you’ll want to do just that after finishing Part 2.

4. Strategic Planning and Sourcing

Simply shopping for the lowest quoted energy price is a common error committed by business owners who fail to understand the numerous hidden charges lurking beyond the low quote, or the volatility of the energy market. In order to get the greatest value for your energy dollar, you need to have a strategic approach to energy management. For example, at UEA we identify the perfect time for energy procurement in order to secure truly fixed-rate energy prices that aren’t subject to price volatility. Also, we work closely with suppliers to get dependable service at the best price, vetting them through an extensive evaluation process. Continue reading