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What Goes Into Creating a Pricing Offer

If you’re a business owner shopping for the best and most reliable value for your energy needs, you’ve probably realized that numerous factors should contribute to your final decision.

  • Does the energy company really understand what your energy needs are and how they might be flexible depending on changing variables in your business?
  • Is there a lot of fine print that you need to examine carefully in an offer from the energy company?
  • How is the company really coming up with the price that they are presenting to you via their offer?
  • Is price really the most important factor when it comes to your decision?

These questions, and many more, can make settling on a confident choice in an energy supplier tricky. That’s why we, at United Energy Alliance, do our best to be up front about what you can expect from our services, and help you understand what contributes to the price that we offer.

Let’s take a look at the anatomy of a pricing offer from United Energy Alliance.

Energy pricing typically consists of three basic parts:

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