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Teamwork Gets Your Business the Best Energy Price

Power LineElectric service for your business consists of three different parts:

  • Generation, which is the production of electricity.
  • Transmission, which is the movement of that electricity from where it is produced to a local distribution system.
  • Distribution, which is the delivery of electricity to your home or business.

When you shop for an electric supplier via an energy consulting service such as Unified Energy Alliance, the  consulting service and you are teaming up to find the best fit for the company that generates or supplies your electricity. For electric customers who select a new supplier, transmission costs also will be included in the charges from your new supplier. The electric utility that distributes your electricity —or your Electric Distribution Company (EDC) —will remain the same. Regardless of whether you choose a different supplier, your electric utility will continue to supply and deliver your electricity, provide reliable service and respond to outage problems. Continue reading