What Goes Into Creating a Pricing Offer

If you’re a business owner shopping for the best and most reliable value for your energy needs, you’ve probably realized that numerous factors should contribute to your final decision.

  • Does the energy company really understand what your energy needs are and how they might be flexible depending on changing variables in your business?
  • Is there a lot of fine print that you need to examine carefully in an offer from the energy company?
  • How is the company really coming up with the price that they are presenting to you via their offer?
  • Is price really the most important factor when it comes to your decision?

These questions, and many more, can make settling on a confident choice in an energy supplier tricky. That’s why we, at United Energy Alliance, do our best to be up front about what you can expect from our services, and help you understand what contributes to the price that we offer.

Let’s take a look at the anatomy of a pricing offer from United Energy Alliance.

Energy pricing typically consists of three basic parts:

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Are You Making This Critical Job-Hunting Mistake?

hiring signAs the temperatures drop and the holidays approach, it’s common for job-seekers to suspend their job search through the end of the year. Some common reasons we hear are that “hiring managers might be on vacation” and “no one hires in December.”

The truth is, not only are employers hiring at the end of year, but the US Bureau of Labor Statistics says the actual hiring levels for November and December 2016 were well above January and even September 2016. While you might attribute this fact to seasonal hires for the holidays, actually most of those hires happen earlier in the year to allow for proper training and paperwork processing before the holidays start.

So if you’re looking for a job and are planning to wait, we offer one key piece of advice: keep your job hunt going through the end of the year!

Here are more reasons you’ll want to continue your job search during the holidays: Continue reading

The Very Best Energy Consulting Career

If you’ve been looking for work as an energy consultant, or you are a confident and reliable sales, marketing or business development professional and haven’t yet explored a career with Unified Energy Alliance, we invite you to learn more about us!

Unlike most companies looking to recruit talent, we don’t like to talk about ourselves. In fact, our consulting partners do most of the recruiting for us. Here are just a few quotes from testimonial videos that we’ve collected over the years from our partners. Continue reading

Looking for Additional Energy Information?

line graph going up and down with a finger pointing at a high pointIf you’re a frequent visitor to our blog, you’re already doing a good job of keeping yourself informed about energy shopping, and you’re familiar with these key topics:

The more informed you are about the energy market, legislation, and other topics related to the energy industry, the better positioned you are to save your business some money.

In addition to the links like above, we’ve put together a list of helpful resources you can use if you’re interested in educating yourself further on all things energy. These are valuable tools which can help you analyze pricing trends, stay up to date on recent legislation, and follow events which may impact futures. Continue reading

The Most Efficient Way to Buy Energy

power lines

Have you ever wondered how energy suppliers purchase the energy they sell to you? It can be a very complex process even for the experienced. Unfortunately, some energy buyers aren’t as interested in protecting clients as they ought to be, and they fail to secure the best energy prices. This means money is left on the table, and inflated costs are passed along to their clients.

That’s why it is critical to understand the energy buying process. We hope our explanation will illustrate how Unified Energy Alliance excels at getting your business the best energy pricing. Our efficient and effective energy procurement service consists of these five main steps: Continue reading

What is Energy Consulting & How Do I Become An Energy Consultant?

two business people consultingIn this post, we’ll discuss two of the most common questions we get here at Unified Energy Alliance –

  • What is energy consulting?
  • How do I become an energy consultant?

What is energy consulting?

Energy consultants work with business owners in deregulated markets to ensure the energy plan their business is signed up for is a good match for their particular needs. The primary responsibilities of energy consultants are: Continue reading

Don’t Fall for These Energy Broker Tricks

outstretched hand

We’re proud to be in the service of protecting business owners. Since we have nothing to sell but our services, we can simply focus on securing the best energy deals for our clients. We understand the many challenges of running your own business, and what we care about most is keeping you from falling victim to one of those fly-by-night energy rate pushers.

With your interests in mind, we want to alert you to some common energy broker tricks to make you think you’re getting a great deal up front. These are common practices that we’ve found nearly every business owner we’ve talked to has fallen for at some point. Continue reading

How Do Natural Gas Prices Get Set?

gas-rigIf you’ve ever looked at your energy bill and wondered how natural gas prices could fluctuate so much in just a few short months, you’ll be interested in how we answer this common question for you. Many factors drive gas prices, some of which are the same ones that affect electricity supply and demand.

We’ve outlined several below, but keep in mind, several of these can occur at the same time, making it very difficult to forecast market shifts. Continue reading

UEA Electricity Products & Pricing Plans


When you have little knowledge of all your options, choosing the right energy option for your business can lead to headaches and a larger dent in your wallet than you expected.

Put our knowledge to the test by taking advantage of our free consultation! Even if you aren’t looking to switch energy suppliers, we’ll still be able to help you fully understand your businesses energy contract and know whether there are better options available. If you are considering a switch, review the following options available to you through Unified Energy Alliance.

Negotiating with suppliers for nearly ten years on behalf of clients has taught us a thing or two, allowing us to offer two exclusive pricing options you can’t find through any other energy supplier. (We also offer a third, more common option for those who prefer the index pricing.) These options are explained below.

A Super-Fixed Product

This electricity pricing option allows you to fully lock in a rate per kilowatt hour (kWh) for the energy generation and transmission portions of your energy bill (learn more about your energy bill pricing analysis breakdown here). The only variations in this bill will be tied to your consumption, but you are protected from pricing fluctuations no matter what happens in the market. This option is available in terms as short as six months or as long as five years!

The super-fixed product gives your business budget stability and predictability. While immediate cost savings usually aren’t seen, locking in a low rate at the right time can help you save over time.

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Common Electricity Pricing Components

Most business owners are unaware of what goes into the pricing of their energy bill. This leads to understandable frustration when the bill continues to go up and up even as the price per kilowatt hour remains the same.

Understanding electricity pricing components is critical so that you can put yourself in a better position to know what product, offering, and supplier will work best for your business. Today we dive into these common components so you are fully aware what may or may not be included in your quoted price. Continue reading