Setting Our Consulting Partners Up for Success

At Unified Energy Alliance, we’re constantly looking for the best people to carry our success well into the future. We know that this business model works – and we’re committed to finding the best people to maximize their personal success, while building our company to create more opportunity and serve our clients well.

Unified Energy Alliance is an energy consulting firm that specializes in recruiting, training, and developing potential marketing/sales channels for some of the largest energy savings companies in the United States. Our consulting partners start out appreciating the opportunities available to them, but as they put in the work to see their success grow, we’re always hearing about how the growth potential is more than they expected.

What Can Consulting Partners Expect to Receive at UEA?

  • The ability to earn an uncapped, residual-based income. The unlimited income potential with our model is certainly a strong incentive.
  • On-site training and continued support by a management team that is totally committed to your growth. You won’t be left hanging with our team – your success is our success!
  • Instant earning potential with absolutely no up-front investment required (all training is free). We go the extra mile to ensure that our consulting partners.
  • The highest compensation structure in the industry! That’s true dollar, no mark-up or hidden margin. You definitely won’t find this with many of our competitors.
  • Up-front, lump-sum annual commission payments for every year that your client is retained (industry standard is monthly residual based upon energy flow completion) for those partners who have proven themselves to be viable, we can negotiate exclusive advancement options based on future enrollments (up to18 months). We love retaining clients…and we do all we can to help you attain that goal.
  • The fastest commission schedule in the industry-all commission payments are direct deposited within 7-10 days of client enrollment, and in some instances up to six months prior to actual energy flow. (Bear in mind that the industry standard is 60 to 90 days following enrollment, or after first month energy flow cycle is complete).
  • Full profit sharing transparency- Unified Energy Alliances sticks to an open-book policy that enables our consulting partners to see our firm’s net profits and how they translate into commission revenues. When you get right down to it, why would we want to hide good news?
  • The best sales and marketing tools in the industry – we equip you for top-level and top-quality presentations.

Learn more about our payment opportunities from Larry, one of our regional managers.

Our consulting partner model is based on long-term community relationships and long-term business relationships. With the recent deregulation of electricity, the timing is simply great for motivated, self-starters to help businesses reduce their overall utility costs, and earn uncapped residual incomes in the process.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to learn more about the opportunities that Unified Energy Alliance provides for motivated professionals who want to earn top dollar? Learn more online at We’re looking forward to hearing from you!