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Energy + Referrals = Ca$h Back

What would you do if you had more cash in your pocket? The possibilities are endless!

Shop for Electricity with our guided process.

Enroll with Unified Energy Alliance and Earn a Bonus!

Earn a Bonus of $25 to $300

There’s more to electricity than just flipping a switch. Maintaining a business means running machinery, office equipment, lights, air conditioning and heat. All of these elements consume a lot of energy which can result in a higher electricity bill than you may be expecting!


In today’s deregulated market, choosing an energy product can be confusing! Terms like variable, fixed rate and savings can have various meanings and are only as good as their terms and conditions. For years, Unified Energy Alliance (UEA) has made it their goal to help educate local businesses about their electricity supply options. Our Energy Consultants are all about community. This means that meeting and protecting the needs of your business is our number one priority.

Take control of your electricity costs! Find an energy supply plan that better suits the needs of your business’ electricity usage patterns. Choose Unified Energy Alliance as your trusted energy consultant.

Save on Power PA

Enrolling with UEA provides you with:

  • Education about your energy product choices
  • Innovative solutions that meet your company’s energy needs
  • Budget certainty
  • Peace of mind

Let UEA sort through all the clutter while offering you the support and guidance many of your neighboring businesses are already experiencing – and enjoying! Enter in the unique code you received from your local business friend into our ‘Refer a Friend’ form and you’re on your way!

One of our Energy Consultants will reach out to set up a FREE face-to-face session to walk you through the process. When you enroll, you’ll receive a bonus from us! It’s our way of saying “Welcome to the Community!” The company that referred you to us will receive a matching bonus as a token of our gratitude. Now that’s smart business!

Let UEA be a part of your energy supply solution so you can return your focus to other aspects of your business. Submit your code and information today!

Referral code can be found on the postcard mailed to the friend that referred you. If you do not have a code, please email us HERE to get one.
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Rules / Guidelines

Payout / Reward options will expire on February 27, 2015. This means that if UEA does not execute a Supplier Enrollment Agreement by this date, all payout options will be expired. Payouts can extend beyond this point, but ONLY if a Supplier Enrollment Agreement has been executed before the end of February (UEA and LP will not be operating following this date).

There are no Geographic Restrictions, No limits on Referrals, and as long as you are a UEA Client, you qualify, so the sooner you meet with a Local UEA Energy Consultant, the sooner you can be qualified for the Program Incentives!

*Cards issued by MetaBank™, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Incorporated. See cardholder agreement, which will accompany your card, for details. *VISA® is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association. Monthly inactivity fee of $2.95 after 12 consecutive months of inactivity. Lost/stolen replacement card fee of $5.00. Neither MetaBank nor Visa is a sponsor, endorser or participant in this promotion. Rules and Restrictions: All new Unified Energy Alliance (UEA) energy procurement contracts must be submitted by 11:59p.m. EST on February 27, 2015. There is no limit on the amount of referrals that can be earned by current UEA customers with the exception of self-referrals involving corporately-related entities, affiliates or subsidiaries. Bonus payments options are based on “Annual Usage Calculations” which will be determined by combing the past 12 months invoices to get a true annual usage projection: 0 - 49,999 kWh annually = $25; 50,000 - 99,999 kWh annually = $50; 100,000 - 199,999 kWh annually = $100; 200,000 – 299,999 kWh annually = $150; 300,000 - 399,999 kWh annually = $200; 400,000 – 49,999 kWh annually = $250; 500,000 kWh Plus = $300. Ask your representative for details. Eligibility for VISA® Gift Cards: For the current UEA customer and the referred SMB customer to receive their VISA® Gift Cards in matching amounts, the referred customer must enroll in a new energy procurement agreement with UEA. Ask your representative for details. Please allow up to six weeks to receive each gift card.